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Be stylish. Wear wood.
Cool wooden caps from South Tyrol

100% handmade.
100% South Tyrol.
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Modern, fancy, Kapl - The only original wooden cap from South Tyrol

Stylish and original, unique and special – just like you! Each Kapl is handcrafted in the Dolomites and is made of high-quality cherry or walnut wood.

Kapl is probably the only all-wood baseball cap in the world. Light as a feather, ultra-flexible and quite literally one of a kind, it has been created for people who think with their own head. Made in the Dolomites, where things have always been done differently, every single cap has been hand-crafted from premium South Tyrolean wood. Style and statement rolled into one. What are you waiting for? Come and get your all-wood Kapl!


How is it made?
A great deal of craftsmanship has gone into creating your Kapl cap: It is made up of 29 different parts, all hand-assembled to ensure a perfect fit. The Kapl’s distinctive mesh optic design is laser-engraved on wood, after which it is lined with soft synthetic leather for outstanding comfort and fitted with eyelets for perfect breathability - you’ll always keep a cool head.

/ Christian Plancker

Who invented it?
A sculptor from Val Gardena, naturally! Who else could come up with the weird and wonderful idea of making a baseball cap from wood? It all began with a wooden sculpture of a cap, carved by Christian Plancker. It was, however, too rigid, too heavy and too cumbersome, and needed a little tweaking… Christian couldn’t shake the idea and spent the next three years tinkering and testing. One day he mentioned his plan to Michael Senoner, a tiler from Val Gardena; Michael was inspired, and they decided to join forces. After endless testing, talks and trials and countless prototypes created in partnership with the Studio Oberhauser, their invention was honed to perfection: the Kapl!


Choose your style!
Light cherry wood, or dark walnut? If you can’t make up your mind, you can have both - the bicolour mode is dark at the front and light at the back, or vice versa. You can also choose from two visor options: either slightly curved, or straight. And given that two wood grains are never the same, every cap is unique. Just like you.